Our Values

At Volkov industries our focus is to ultimately and continually serve God. We recognize that first while building high-quality trusses. The real reason we do what we do is to help the kingdom of God go into all the earth.

We want to love and glorify God and grow a company that will see and facilitate the gospel of Jesus the Messiah, to be sent forth into all the earth.
We want to love our neighbors as ourselves, including in the realm of business. We want to provide a place for our employees to not only be able to provide for themselves and their families but also the means to go and serve the Lord as he calls them
At Volkov, we desire to serve our communities as well. Both for our customers but also for the greater community around us. Not only do we encourage our employees and remind ourselves to always work with excellence to provide the best customer service, but we strive to give selflessly to the community in various ways through our time, our talents, and our treasure as a testimony of the free gift of grace that God has given us.
Through these values, we hope that the knowledge of Jesus will manifest in our lives, our company, and our community while we serve and provide high-quality trusses to cover the needs of those we do business with.

Volkov Industries "Making tentmakers"