Volkov roof trusses are superior to stick framing in many ways; they provide long spans, allow for open floor plans, and create a more simplistic building frame, which ultimately saves on cost and time for installation. Our roof trusses are built fully constructed, and shipped according to the needs of the project.

At Volkov Industries, we value you and your needs. Our sales, design, and manufacturing teams will work with you to customize to your unique specifications and deliver promptly and efficiently, all while providing honest, reliable customer service.

Why We're Amazing


Our team will work with you to customize to your unique specifications.

We Deliver

Your trusses will be delivered to the construction site upon completion so that you do not have to come get them.

Reduced Time To Deliver

We produce trusses at a high quality faster than our competitors.

Quality, Premium Service

We guarantee quality, we check over everything twice and deliver on-time.

Common Trusses Marked

Common trusses are marked for purlins and bracings. All trusses are marked so that you have an easier installation in your next project.

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